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Branded Events Merchandise

Branded Events – When a business plans to find ways to ensure that it will retain its clients, there are several ways that can be explored to meet goals. There are proven and tested ways of advertising and sponsoring community welfare activities or sports competitions and charity events to further entice corporate clients. Sponsoring these activities will give… Read More »

A Solution for Conducting Big Events

Do you or your company have a plan to conduct an event in this near future? Of course, there are many things to be prepared. Yes, without good preparation, there are possibilities that the events conducted may not run as smooth as what you have expected. Conducting an event particularly the big ones is indeed not something easy.… Read More »

Inilah Waktu Shalat Gerhana Matahari di Wilayah Indonesia

Kementerian Agama (Kemenag) mengimbau kepada masyarakat Muslim Jakarta untuk melaksanakan shalat sunnah gerhana matahari atau shalat Kusuf yang akan dipusatkan di Masjid Istiqlal, Jakarta pada Rabu 9 Maret 2016 mendatang. Direktur Jenderal Bimas Islam Kemenag, Machasin mengatakan, Masjid Istiqlal sebagai masjid negara akan melaksanakan shalat gerhana matahari (Kusuf) pada pukul 06.20 WIB sampai selesai. Sementara Imam Besar Masjid… Read More »